Fitcorp is Thailand’s Leading Personal Training and Fitness Coaching Company in Bangkok. Est. Since 2003.

What Our Clients say


  • “Fitcorp and Aspire helped me to focus on setting my own fitness goals and then put together a plan for me to achieve them efficiently. The team has a very positive attitude, an easy manner and educational. I always look forward to my training sessions.”
    David, Bangkok (UK) Legal Counsel, IBM
  • “With 12 years experience as a former physical training instructor in the British Army, I would highly recommend the fantastic benefits that Fitcorp does for individuals and companies. The benefits await those who have the courage to get themselves a healthy mind and body, which they will appreciate in later life.”
    Daniel Brown, Bangkok Thailand (UK)
  • “The team at Fitcorp are all fantastic Coaches, the best in the business. What Dan he taught me about how to exercise in 1 hour and the techniques he uses simply blew me away. I can highly recommend Daniel and his team at Fitcorp to any company or individual.”
    Tim Hansen, Bangkok Thailand (Denmark)
  • “Dan is an energetic and driven individual who sets goals for him self and also his clients and makes sure they are achieved. I had the pleasure to work with Daniel at Chiva Som international Health resort in Thailand where joe blo and celebrities both where trained and coached by many of the fitness team there. Daniel was one of the individuals whose names kept coming up with top comments.”
    Hunter Reynolds, Adelaide Australia.
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